“The purpose of business is to create a customer.” – Peter Drucker

PlanningWorks believes the business of nonprofits is to create and maintain relationships with constituents — donors, volunteers, clients, and community partners.

For a new organization, or one needing to concentrate on rebuilding sustainability, this critical stage requires tools and strategies to capture new constituents or re-engage past constituents.  Do you have an action plan to recruit, maintain and keep your constituents engaged?  We have the experience to evaluate processes that will grow your donors, clients, customers or beneficiaries.  Let’s talk about it.

  Not all constituents want the same level of engagement.  A structured continuum of engagement options is essential to sustain a range of constituents.  We can analyze what you have in place and help you develop a tailored new menu of engagement opportunities. 

PlanningWorks knows what tools support the development of successful engagement plans.