An organization in need of regeneration

Met with a very important organization that's 20 years old looking at the exciting opportunity to regenerate itself.  Why?  It needs a new vision and a way to get all -- board, staff, donors and community stakeholders -- working toward the same goal (vision) that will make it appealing to new constituents and will excite it's present friends and family.  PlanningWorks has a method to facilitate that powerful renewal at a five hour retreat.  Our facilitation has worked for 18 years and will work again.  It's always exciting to see how a variety of points-of-view and aspirations can create a consensus for future achievements as a nonprofit grows its new future and, as a side benefit, it gathers new support and resources.  

A Tale of Four Nonprofit Functions

It's likely most nonprofits don't realize that regardless of what they do and who they are, there are four functions all organizational tasks (board or staff) should fall into.  

Universal Nonprofit Functions

Constituency Development: Cultivation of the people and the institutions that comprise an organization’s target audiences.  How do you get them to become engaged with the organization?

Communications: Projection of the target messages that form the organization’s image and brand in the minds of its constituency. Marketing: Promotion and sales of the programs and services that fulfill the organization’s mission, differentiate it from the competition and engage its constituency.

Revenue Generation: Production of the financial and volunteer resources the organization requires to build capacity and success.

Programs & Services: Products or services offered to constituents that are identified by them as valuable and unique.

Nonprofit organizations function best when these operate harmoniously toward the achievement of pre-planned goals.